Labor of Love...


I cut my teeth photographing landscapes, family, sunsets, and road-racing for decades. I even photographed a few weddings for family as well. The action shooting of road-racing was addicting as the racing itself. At some point my love of music drew me to photographing in the light challenging environments of live performances.


I've developed a "sixth sense" on when to have my finger on the shutter release because I have been shooting in an uncontrolled environments for so long. The expressions of musicians and fans alike can be fascinating and to capture those rare moments is a treat.


It was because I embraced these two loves - music and photography - I found that live photography is quite exhilarating and produces some fantastic results. Moving forward, I find joy in capturing people with my lens in session photography and especially sharing that joy when the photos are shared.


This is why I'm here - I want to capture your special moments and create lasting memories for you.


Your Moments, Your Time, For You.


Music, Events, Portraiture, Sports/Action, Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photography based in Marysville, Ohio.